Desktop Kit for Framer X

With over 100 macOS UI components ranging from buttons and push notifications to fully interactive applications, the Desktop Kit for Framer X gives you the building blocks to design incredible desktop experiences.

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Getting started

To get the kit, install it from the Framer Store. Once installed, switch over to the Components Panel to access it.

The Desktop Kit contains an ensemble of components to start prototyping with minimal setup. Simply drag them into the Canvas from the Components Panel to start using them.

Here's a quick overview:

  • Finder — Pull in real content from Dropbox and navigate files and folders.
  • Browser — See your web designs in the context of a Safari or Chrome browser.
  • Messages — Mimic the macOS Messages app.
  • macOS Desktop — Get started with a few key components from the kit.
  • LiveDesktop — Stage your designs in a dynamic macOS Desktop where windows can be focused, dragged, resized, and closed/opened.
  • Subcomponents — A few useful helper components used throughout the kit.
  • Stickersheets — A few key components from the kit neatly arranged.